Florida School Security Officer pawns school issued firearm, carries pellet gun instead

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During an inspection by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, it was discovered that school officer, Leroy King, was packing a pellet pistol instead of a real firearm.

After the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office investigated they discovered that besides pawning the pistol, King had pawned other items.

On Oct. 18, King pawned his agency-issued ballistic vest, which is owned by Hillsborough County School Security, at a Cash America pawn store. As part of the transaction, King signed his name and provided a thumbprint swearing the vest was his. He was paid $125 for the vest.

On Nov. 2, King completed another transaction. This time, he pawned his agency-issued TLR1 Streamlight weapon mount light, also owned by Hillsborough County School Security. He was provided $50 for the transaction.

King was charged with 8 felonies of providing false information to the pawn shop.

From WFTS Tamps Bay and FOX 13 Tampa Bay.


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