Secretary of Defense Mark Esper Speaks About Pensacola Aftermath

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was interviewed on Sunday by Chris Wallace and said the process for vetting foreign nationals in the training program will be reviewed.

“My understanding is currently, of course, they’re reviewed by Department of State,” he said. “They’re reviewed by Department of Homeland Security, and they’re reviewed by us, and I want to make sure that those procedures are full and sufficient.”

The FBI is investigating the shooting by a 21-year-old Saudi Arabian national at a Pensacola Navy Base as an act of terrorism. Esper confirmed that the three killed in the shooting were Americans, but would not confirm whether they were specifically targeted. He said friends of the shooter were detained and interviewed, and was told “one or two” of them were filming the shooting, but did not want to “pass judgement” on why they were filming.

The complete story is here at Yahoo.