Giuliani’s New Spokeswoman is a 20-year-old Instagram Personality

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani has a new spokesperson in Christianne Allen, a 20-year-old conservative activist, Trump supporter, and Instagram star turned director of communications.

Politico tried to learn more about Allen, who has been with Giuliani Partners since September, as she lists an accomplished resume as Rudy’s new right-hand woman.

She has claimed many titles which appear to be exaggerated or false.

She reportedly secured an internship on Trump’s campaign in Virginia by claiming, falsely, that she was the niece of George Allen, the former senator and governor of Virginia. She later referred to herself as a “campaign spokesperson,” and claimed in a speech that she was forced to quit high school “due to controversy over my Trump internship,” neither of which were true.

 A friend of Giuliani’s told Politico, “Nobody can figure out who the eff she is or how she got in there.”

Her new role has had her accompanying Rudy to Ukraine and setting up foreign deals for her boss.

Before Politico published their article, Rudy addressed the piece as malicious:

 “Politico is about to write a malicious hit-piece on a Comms Director of mine. Not just because she’s pro-Trump but because she’s lined up one witness after the other, proving just how corrupt the Democrat party is. Politico has assisted this cover up for years. It’s a shame!”

You can read the Politico article here.

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