GA councilman who claimed interracial marriage made his ‘blood boil’ resigns

“I’m not racist, but I do not believe in interracial marriage.”

A Georgia city councilman who decried interracial marriage resigned this week ahead of a recall election next month.

Hoschton City Councilman Jim Cleveland said he opted to resign instead of going through a recall election and giving his opponents the pleasure of saying they voted him out, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Cleveland’s resignation comes months after an investigation by the news outlet into allegations that an African-American candidate’s bid for city administrator was derailed by Mayor Theresa Kenerly because of his race, which prompted Cleveland to voice support for Kenerly and defend her actions.

“I understood where she was coming from,” he said. “I understand Theresa saying that, simply because we’re not Atlanta. Things are different here than they are 50 miles down the road.”

Cleveland added that he was against interracial marriage, and that seeing whites and blacks on television “makes my blood boil because that’s just not the way a Christian is supposed to live,” according to the Journal-Constitution.


“I’m not going to give them the pleasure of saying they recalled Mr. Cleveland,” he said in an exclusive interview.

Jim Cleveland -May 2019

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