Ohio Christian lawmaker caught in ‘an outright lie’

The Ohio state representative Timothy Ginter sponsored a bill called the Student Religious Liberties Act. Opponents argued the bill would provide students with a religious exemption to facts, and would frighten teachers and school administrators into including religion in school functions.

News Views – Ohio Passes “Student Religious Liberties Act”  November 14

The Guardian revealed the bill was nearly identical to one promoted by Project Blitz, a state legislative project guided by three Christian right organizations, including the Congressional Prayer Caucus (CPC), WallBuilders and the ProFamily Legislators Conference. Project Blitz aims to promote and help pass conservative legislation across the US to fulfill its rightwing Christian agenda.

After The Guardian asked Ginter about the similarity he responded in writing by saying he didn’t know of Project Blitz and had not worked with either WallBuilders or the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

As the screenshot shows, Ginter is the co-chair of the Ohio Prayer Caucus, the state chapter of the Congressional Prayer Caucus.

“I would call it an outright lie,” said Frederick Clarkson, a senior research analyst with Political Research Associates, and an expert on the Christian right. “The Prayer Caucus in the states are the action arm of Project Blitz – it is Project Blitz,” he said. “When he told you, ‘I’ve never heard of Project Blitz,’ that was a lie,” said Clarkson.

Ginter is an ordained minister.

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