Putin’s Killers in Europe – How Russian Agents Hunt Down Kremlin Opponents

A secret Russian death squad appears to be killing Moscow's enemies in the West in an effort to destabilize Europe. Perpetrators with connections to the Russian government appear to be responsible for the slaying of a Georgian national in Berlin.

In the summer of 2013, a killer in Moscow rode a bicycle toward his victim. […] The killer shot the man in the head and upper body at close range. […]
In the summer of 2019, a killer also rode a bicycle toward his victim, only this time in Berlin. He shot Zelimkhan Khangoshvili […] in the head and upper body at close range, before riding away. […]
[…] that not only were both murders very similar — they were also likely carried out by the same person.[…]

A Slow Political Response
[… ]officials in Berlin seemed to be struggling […] with a political response to the Khangoshvili murder. […] But last Wednesday, just as the German federal prosecutor took over the case, the government in Berlin also adopted a tougher line. […]


A Trail of Death in Europe
[…] that a death squad dispatched from Moscow has left a trail of death in Europe over the past several years.[…]

Links Between Attacks
But deeper research does show connections between the two murder attempts.[…]

A Russian Campaign to Destabilize Europe/We’ll Get You No Matter Where You Are/A Joint European Reaction Is Necessary/[…]


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