Ohio Man illegally parked in handicapped space had threatened to kill President Obama

After Weathersfield police found Christopher Gembicki illegally parked in a handicap spot, they discovered  he was wanted on a parole violation for a conviction of threatening to kill then-President Obama.

• The 2014 threats were made on Facebook.

• Gembicki had made white supremacist and anti-immigration statements in addition to the death threat and racial slurs.

• Gembicki posted threats toward the person and her family that had tipped off authorities about the original threats.

• Said Obama was the “black devil” who is part of the “Black New World Order.”

• Said he didn’t have the means to kill Obama, but if he did he would.• After his conviction, Gembicki received a 50-month prison sentence, followed by three years of probation.

• During his arrest Wednesday, police also discovered that Gembicki has warrants out of Cuyahoga County for charges of possession of narcotic equipment.

Weathersfield Township is 12 miles or so NW of Youngstown.

From WKBN 27 Youngstown

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