The U.K. general election is today

Voters queue for 'most important poll in a generation"

Boris Johnson was the first of the main party leaders to cast his vote, arriving at Methodist Central Hall in Westminster with his dog, Dilyn, at about 8.15am to make his choice in the UK’s third general election in less than five years. Prime ministers usually vote for themselves in the constituency they represent, but Johnson opted to cast his vote in the seat containing Downing Street rather than in his own Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency in west London.

Jeremy Corbyn cast his vote later in his north London constituency. He was greeted by a small number of supporters as well as a protester dressed as the Sesame Street character Elmo, who was restrained by security guards as she tried to approach the Labour leader.

Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat leader, cast her vote at a primary school in Bearsden in her constituency of East Dunbartonshire. The Scottish National party leader, Nicola Sturgeon, voted at Broomhouse Park Community Hall in Glasgow.


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