House Judiciary Committee releases impeachment report alleging Trump committed ‘multiple federal crimes’

"President Trump has realized the Framers' worst nightmare."

Very early Monday morning, the House Judiciary Committee released its 658 page  report on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. A full House vote on impeachment should happen on Wednesday.

The report is divided in several parts:

  • Part One focuses on the process by which “the House Intelligence Committee investigated the case against Trump.”
  • Part Two focuses on “examining the standards of impeachment laid out in the Constitution.”
  • Part Three details the Democratic Party’s “case that Trump abused the power of his office to pressure a foreign government, Ukraine’s, to investigate his domestic political rival and interfere in the 2020 presidential election.”
  • Part Four makes the case that Trump obstructed Congress by denying House investigators’ requests for documents and testimony.

“President Trump has realized the Framers’ worst nightmare. He has abused his power in soliciting and pressuring a vulnerable foreign nation to corrupt the next United States Presidential election by sabotaging a political opponent and endorsing a debunked conspiracy theory promoted by our adversary, Russia,” the committee wrote.

“Other Presidents have recognized their obligation to provide information to Congress under these circumstances,” the report states. “President Trump’s stonewall, by contrast, was categorical, indiscriminate, and without precedent in American history.”


Read the report here:

Trump tweets out:

There is NO transcript; it’s a memo!
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