Trump sends an unhinged letter to Speaker Pelosi on Eve of Impeachment

Happy Impeachment Eve!

On Tuesday, Trump sent an unhinged letter to Speaker Pelosi whining about his inevitable impeachment tomorrow.

In his letter, Trump expressed his ‘strongest and most powerful protest against the partisan impeachment crusade being pursued by Democrats in the House of Representatives.’

According to Trump:

  • The process is both unprecedented and unconstitutional abuse of power. (Article 1, Section 2 US Constitution)
  • No high crimes, misdemeanors, or offenses.
  • Cheapened the very ugly word, impeachment!
  • House is breaking allegiance to Constitution and waging a war on American Democracy.
  • It’s a terrible thing Nancy is doing but has to live with it “not I!”

Because the letter is too large to upload, read it here:

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