University of Cincinnati will remove slave owner’s name from college of arts and sciences

The University of Cincinnati spent an entire semester debating removing slave owner Charles McMicken from the college of arts and sciences. On Tuesday, the Board of Trustees voted and it’s official, the Ohio slave owner’s name will not longer exist on that particular structure.

In early 19th Century, Pennsylvanian businessman McMicken gifted money and property to the city of Cincinnati to fund  “an institution where white boys and girls might be taught ”

Reports indicate McMicken owned and sold slaves, and he fathered two children by at least one enslaved woman. The children’s names were Adeline McMicken Tanner Rollins and John McMicken. Neither were mentioned in his will upon his death, but he mention and provide for his white family members though.

McMicken supported the American Colonization Society , which wanted to resettle free African Americans in western Africa in lieu of emancipation. When he died, McMicken called for the remainder of his slaves to be freed, and if any wanted to live in western Africa they were to be given $100. It is not known if he had any slaves when he died or, if he did own any slaves, if those stipulations were followed.


Unfortunately, the slave master’s name will remain on other buildings and structures.

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