Delusional person in WH claims HRC lost the election ‘purposely’ so the Democratic Party could impeach Trump

“Hillary Clinton purposely lost the election with the aid of Russian hacking so the Democrats could then impeach Trump.”

Brian Karem, who is a CNN political analyst and White House correspondent for Playboy, claims that some person in the White House told him that Hillary Clinton purposely lost the election with the help of Russia so the Democratic Party can impeach Trump.

The New Civil Right Movement:

Trump and Cult 45 are well known for engaging in preposterous and debunked conspiracy theories ranging from Jeffrey Epstein to President Obama. Trump has claimed that since he took that infamous escalator to announce his candidacy, some Deep State entity, Never Trumpers, the media, and Democratic Party were all out to get his paranoid self.

There’s also even evidence to suggest that Trump supporters are likely to believe outright lies, like the earth being flat.

Former SoS Hillary Clinton took notice of the latest preposterous claim from the White House and responded:


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