Trump spent Impeachment Eve glued to Twitter: ‘Im not worried!’

Like most of his evenings and ‘executive time,’ Trump spent Impeachment Eve glued to Twitter “cranking out angry missives about his enemies and retweeting favorable election polls.”

He blasted Democratic leadership while insisting (or trying to convince himself) he’s not worried about becoming the third US president in US history to get impeached.

While thousands of people took to the streets demanding Trump get impeached and removed from office, new polling suggested 49 percent of Americans support impeaching and removing him from office, compared to 46 percent opposed.

Today or tomorrow morning will be the day the House of Representatives impeach Donald J. Trump.

Trump also claimed that his unhinged letter to Speaker Pelosi received ‘good remarks and reviews’ “while he repeated unfounded claims that the Obama administration “SPIED on” his 2016 campaign.”

No evidence exists that shows anyone spied on his bigly campaign. He lied once again.

As The Post’s Fact Checker reported last week, a report from the Justice Department inspector general disputed GOP claims that a dossier assembled by former British spy Christopher Steele improperly sparked the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election. And while the report did find numerous problems with the FBI’s FISA application, it did not find any evidence of political motivation in those errors.

The Washington Post:

On the morning of Impeachment Day, Trump’s still at it:

Typical Trump:

Happy Impeachment Day! Our Live Discussion will begin shortly.

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