Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ tour drives more than ticket sales as fans register to vote in record numbers

Ariana Grande is very close to setting a major record that has nothing to do with music and everything to do with democracy. As efforts to purge hundreds of thousands of voters from the rolls are under way in Wisconsin and Georgia, Ari revealed on Tuesday night (Dec. 17) that she is less than 1,000 away from “breaking the all time record of voters registered on a tour.”

Grande is working with the voter registration organization Head Count, which has registered more than 600,000 voters at concerts, music festivals and online since 2004. If you haven’t been able to get out to one of the singer’s Sweetener tour dates, you can still do your part by texting “Ariana” to 40649 to register to vote. Billboard has reached out to HeadCount for an update on how many voters Grande has registered to date.



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