GUNZ! Christmas Gift Idea For That Special Ammosexual in Your Life


Nothing Says Merry Christmas Twin Falls Like A New Car Gun Magnet!

Gun nuts are so tough to buy gifts for. They are so picky and every last one of them is so smart and knowledgeable. Today I have the answer.

It’s a gun magnet. The guy in the video use to put his pistol between his 4-wheel drive pickup seats. But alas, there was a problem with that, wires kept getting tangled around the pistol. (I have no idea)

At other times the pistol would work it’s way down between the seats so that it became difficult to grab “when he needed it”. One never knows when that extra second digging around between the seats could be the difference in winning that quick-draw match and losing it.

The solution for the ammosexual in the video was to mount it underneath the dash where it would be camouflaged by the 4-wheel drive shifter, the ashtray and some toggle switches.  Brilliant!

Listen to him drone on in the video as he explains the complexities and difficulties of being a gun nutter.

From 95.7 KEZJ Idaho

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