Wyoming students came to school Wednesday wearing white robes and hoods

‘This Is Taught Behavior’

On Wednesday, two students at Riverton High were disciplined by the school after they showed up to a white-out spirit day wearing white robes and white hoods. One of the students is depicted in a social media post that garnered national attention; he’s wearing a hood and robes and is holding an American flag in his hand. The photo, which was apparently passed around the image-sharing app Snapchat, also includes several overlaying text messages. One such messages includes a racial slur, while another calls Riverton High a “f—ing disgrace.”

Casper Star Tribune

One Riverton High School teacher… said that many students of color were “horrified, uncomfortable and fearful” that their fellow students would align themselves with the KKK, but added that for many, this was not their first experience with racism in the Riverton School District.

“A lot of my students are so desensitized to the racism here, that it’s really sad. Sometimes their reactions are just ‘Oh, well that’s Riverton,’ or ‘Oh, it happens,'” the teacher said.

Wyoming Pub Media

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