OHIO active shooter drill goes awry, results in injuries, ‘chaos’


New Richmond Middle School, which is located in SW Ohio, had whats called an ALICE drill Tuesday. Alice stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.

During the first lunch period the alarm went off, then Principal Court Lilly appeared as the shooter, with airhorns blaring to “simulate the noise level that would take place in a real event.”

But apparently not all students knew what to do and where to go.

In a letter to parents, Principal Lilly said among other things:

  • “Students were unclear of what kind of evacuation procedure to follow when leaving the cafeteria.”
  •  A few students fell to the ground and sustained bumps and bruise. One student reportedly got a cut on her eyebrow.
  • “It is regrettable that any students would ever be harmed while in our care so I first and foremost want to apologize for putting them in that position.”
  • “It is obvious that we need to develop and effective evacuation plan for the number of students in our cafeteria.”
  • New Richmond Fire Department and EMS along with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department were there for the drill and then to patch up two students.

Last October, Ohio police fired blanks during school shooter drill at another school.

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