Liveblog - Holiday Music

Happy Holiday snowflakes, tis the season for crazy uncles that love Trump and crazy nephews that love Bernie, but this time of year we all get together and pretend that we all get along, and go out of the way to treat people especially nice and charitable. I thought a a social thread about our favorite music that highlights this season might just be appropriate

Elvis, he’s a classic, right?

Bing Crosby and David Bowie, a little of two generations coming together

Billy Squire sure was fun

You could leave it up to the Kinks to say it how it was

Anybody in the mood for some collective guilt?

And for those Blue Collars out there, there’s the Boss and Clarance

and sure, she’s a lot of bit crazy, but her talent is undeniable

And this wouldn’t be a Holiday Music thread without Adam Sandler’s Chanukah Song,

So whatever your taste is this season, feel free to post it, and talk about it.

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