More information released on Trump’s decision to withhold aid to Ukraine

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Through FOIA requests, The New York Times obtained more information relating to Trump’s decision to withhold aid to Ukraine.

Apparently, all these clowns knew what they were doing was wrong but it didn’t prevent them from trying or seeking advice from others .

Behind the Ukraine Aid Freeze: 84 Days of Conflict and Confusion

“The inside story of President Trump’s demand to halt military assistance to an ally shows the price he was willing to pay to carry out his agenda.”

During a flight to Japan with Trump, Mick Mulvaney sent an email to an aid named Robert B. Blair:

“I’m just trying to tie up some loose ends. Did we ever find out about the money for Ukraine and whether we can hold it back?”

-Mick Mulvaney

Blair replied back stating. “Expect Congress to become unhinged” if the White House tried to countermand spending passed by the House and Senate, he wrote in a previously undisclosed email. And, he wrote, it might further fuel the narrative that Mr. Trump was pro-Russia.

Obviously, Blair was right. Congress did get pissed off and impeached Trump because he abused his power.

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