Sources say Harvey Weinstein accusers’ lawyers could get 10 times more than clients

What's that sucking sound?

Elizabeth Fegan, the lead attorney representing the women who are part of the original class action lawsuit and all future claimants who choose to join it, could receive up to 25% of the payout if the settlement goes ahead, legal observers said. They pointed out that sum could end up being 10 times or more the payment to individual victims, especially if more join the case and dilute the amount of the awards.

More than $12m – a quarter of the overall settlement package – will go towards legal costs for Weinstein, his brother, Bob, and other former members of their company’s board, if it goes ahead.  Wigdor says it is “patently unfair” to give a considerable sum “to the people alleged to have enabled Harvey Weinstein, while inadequately compensating the victims”.  “This is unprecedented.” he says. “There is no sexual assault case that I have ever seen or heard of in which money was going to the defendants and they were seeking to bind the non-participating members of an agreement.”

On 6 January Weinstein’s separate criminal trial is scheduled to open with jury selection in a Manhattan court.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.