West Virginia Governor’s Office Posts Summary Of DMAPS Investigation Into Nazi Salute Photo, Announces New Firings

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Update of a prior News Views discussion:


Gov. Jim Justice has announced additional firings following an investigation into a class photo of West Virginia corrections officer trainees giving an apparent Nazi salute. Those firings, which include a class trainer and the entire cadet class, come after initial firings and suspensions were announced earlier this month.

According to a summary written by Department of Corrections Commissioner Betsy Jividen, the photo was taken at the direction of a class trainer. The photo was copied and there were plans to distribute it with graduation packets, despite complaints from at least three staffers.

And, according to Jividen’s summary, investigators found other photos of cadets displaying offensive hand gestures on social media.

*memo3, pages 4-6 of the 6 page pdf, detail the findings concerning class#18

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