Alabama Woman’s House Burned Down, Not to Worry, Her Bible is Okay!


A December 26 fire completely destroyed a families home, save for a couple Bibles (one big, one little) and a few family memories.

It all started with a knock at the door. A “Family Member” (son) went to answer the door, he noticed the house was on fire, he alerted the family,  allowing the family and pets to escape the fire.

“A lady had told my mom that the reason he heard the knocking was because it was God knocking on the door to let him know to get out of the house because the house was burning,” daughter Ashlee Rosa said. “If they wouldn’t have gotten out in time when he heard that knocking, they would have probably been in that back room, and they wouldn’t have been able to get out where they were at.”

After the fire was out, the family searched days for baby photos and Sherri’s (Sherri is the mother) father’s ashes.

Ashlee Rosa said fortunately, the box containing the ashes had melted around them and a few mementos from his death. Two Bibles were also in the box.

The house was a total loss, faulty wiring in the attic caused the fire.

Sherri Rosa said, “God was definitely here that day.”

Help Sherri buy a new house.

Eye Witness News 11

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