In a Facebook post, Mobile, Alabama police officers appear to ridicule homeless people

more of AG Barr's RESPECT and SUPPORT or else LOSE PROTECTION finest

The post shows the two officers holding up a so-called “quilt” of cardboard signs apparently confiscated from homeless people in the city. The accompanying text says: “Wanna wish everybody in the 4th precinct a Merry Christmas, especially our captain. Hope you enjoy our homeless quilt. Sincerely Panhandler patrol.”

The two officers, Preston McGraw and Alexandre Olivier, are recent graduates of the Mobile Police Academy. McGraw graduated in February of 2018 and Olivier in January of 2019. Two other people are also tagged in the image but it’s not clear who they are.

The photo appears to have been taken inside a Mobile Police Department office.


Article submitted by, A Non Ymous.