Former Fox ‘News’ host Courtney Friel accuses Trump of making unwanted sexual advances towards her

But, he's The Chosen One.

In a new book set to publish next week, former Fox and Friends, fill-in host Courtney Friel accused Tump of making unwanted sexual advances towards her before becoming ‘president.’

“You should come up to my office sometime, so we can kiss,” Friel says Trump told her, adding that he considered her “the hottest one at Fox News”.

“‘Donald,’ I responded, ‘I believe we’re both married.’ I quickly ended the call,” she wrote in her book.

“This proposition made it difficult for me to report with a straight face on Trump running for president. It infuriated me that he would call all the women who shared stories of his bold advances liars. I totally believe them,” she says.

The Guardian:
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