Free Chat Friday, Week 1

Chatting Freely

It’s an old tradition for bringing in the New Year, you’ve heard of it — “Make Noise.” It’s international and it’s supposed to bring luck — in the case of 2020, yesterday Trump made noise and brought luck to us all right — Big Bad Luck. Thanks Mr. President, you wanted war? You may just get it.

Happy Friday News Viewers — while I was away, I didn’t watch or read the news. I’ve been home a few days, the news is back on, and Trump decides to assassinate a couple of high ranking and powerful military leaders, the Legislature be damned, what Trump wants, Trump gets.

And that’s just ONE of the news items exploding today (so to speak), so let’s chat in free form, anything goes, within reason and (oh why not!) without reason, it’s Friday. . . . . What’s on your radar?