GUNZ: Accidental shooting at Bojangles’


Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader told WZQZ News that a man was at Bojangles with his family on Wednesday evening when the incident happened.  The sheriff said that the man had a .25 caliber pistol in his pocket and bent over to tie his shoe.  The gun fell out of his pocket and went off.  The man was hit in the jaw and the bullet traveled to his neck and then lodged in his shoulder, according to the sheriff.

The sheriff said the man was disoriented after being shot and ran out of Bojangles and down Highway 27.  Summerville Police found the man near Farmer’s Furniture and convinced him to go to the hospital via Redmond EMS.

  • The man’s injury is not life-threatening.
  • No one else was injured.
  • Police say the man’s story seems to check-out.
  • No charges have been filed and likely won’t be.

From WRGA 

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