The cable news shows 1-6-20

Incase you missed the cable news network shows, 1-6-20.

Bernie Sanders attacks Joe Biden’s record in an interview with Anderson Cooper:

Tucker Carlson continues bagging on Trump’s decision to initiate a war with Iran. “Deep State!”

“Just the other day, you may remember, our intel agencies were considered politically tainted and suspect. Certainly on this show they are, were and will be for quite some time.

It seems about 20 minutes ago we were denouncing these very people as the ‘deep state,’ and pledging never to trust them again without verification. But now, for some reason, we do seem to trust them implicitly and completely. In fact, we believe whatever they tell us, no matter how outlandish.”

-Tucker Carson 1-6-20

Julián Castro endorses Senator Elizabeth Warren and will begin campaigning for her:

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