Fires and right wing climate change denial in Australia

The mainstream media would seem to be a large part of the problem

The impacts of the climate crisis are now clearly manifesting in ways beyond rising temperatures. In Australia, the conditions for severe bushfires are occurring far more regularly (hot days, dry land and high winds). And the country is now suffering its most intense bushfire season ever. The quantity of land burnt, the smoke pollution impacts, the temperatures and number of homes lost are all breaking historical records.

At the same time, Australia is pioneering the denial of climate disaster.  As a result, Ipsos polling finds that Australia lags behind other nations in “acknowledging the threat of climate change”.   Rightwing media outlets in Australia have responded to the current bushfires by either refusing to give the story its due prominence or by spreading falsehoods. Specifically, there is a claim emerging that environmentalists have blocked hazard reduction efforts by supposedly opposing dry fuel loads being burned or manually removed. It isn’t one of those half-truths – there’s no truth in it at all.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.