The Dotard Wants NATO to Expand into the M.E.

The president’s suggestion came one day after he issued a vague call for more NATO involvement in the Middle East.  In an unrelated event at the White House on Thursday, Trump discussed his phone call the day before with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, whom Trump described as “excited” about the prospect of a Middle East expansion.  “I think that NATO should be expanded, and we should include the Middle East. Absolutely,” the president told reporters, contending that North Atlantic military alliance should take over for the U.S. in the region “because this is an international problem.”

“So, I have actually said that I think the scope of NATO should be increased. And they should be looking for ISIS,“ Trump added later, after repeating his long-held complaints about other alliance members‘ defense contributions. “We will help. But right now the burden is on us, and that has not been fair.”


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.