Family Values! Former Miss Florida gets one month for stealing her mother’s SSI checks

Trump loving, conservative commentator and former Miss Florida, Karyn Turk, is headed to the Big House for stealing her mother’s Social Security checks that were supposed to be used to pay for her care.

U.S. Magistrate Bruce Reinhart sentenced Ms. Turk to ONE MONTH behind bars plus 100 hours of Community Service because he wanted to send a message to others that if you steal from the government, you’re going to the pokie.

Choices in life have consequences, I’m sorry to tell you,” Reinhart said. “If you steal from the government, you’re not going to have a reputation as an honest person.”

“The message I’m sending is: You can’t steal from the government and not go to jail,” Reinhart said.

Prosecutors said the 47-year-old pocketed $43,000 worth of checks that should have gone to the nursing home caring for her dementia-stricken mother, who has since died. The day she was sentenced to federal prison and five months of house arrest, Turk posted a photo on Instagram of herself posing in front of Mar-a-Lago.

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