About a Dozen Saudis to be Expelled from Aviation Training Program

Investigations followed Pensacola shootings in December

More than a dozen Saudi Arabia servicemen will be expelled from the United States after an investigation found some with connections to extremist movements, as well as some found with possession of child pornography.

Three Americans were killed in December at a Naval Station in Pensacola, Florida, by a Saudi Second Lieutenant. The Department of Defense restricted to the classroom all foreign military students from Saudi Arabia while a review of vetting foreign students was underway.

None of the expelled students were found to be aiding the 21-year-old killer, and the training pause remains in effect while the Department of Defense is implementing new procedures for screening and vetting of foreign students. There are approximately 850 Saudi military students in the U.S.

The Justice Department is expected to conclude that the Pensacola shooting was in fact an act of terrorism, according to a US official. No co-conspirators have been charged as part of the investigation, and the Saudi government has pledged its full support.

CNN has the story.