Dubya’s gang of war hawks are egging on Donnie

Cable news carried a distinct 2003 vibe this week, with Bush administration officials blanketing the airwaves to make the case for an attack in Iraq. The same Bush hawks Donald Trump has frequently eviscerated for orchestrating America’s “endless wars” were now cheering on the president.

There was Paul Wolfowitz, the “architect” of the Iraq War, giving thoughts on American military presence in Iraq. There was Marc Thiessen, Donald Rumsfeld’s speechwriter at the Bush-era Pentagon, appearing on Fox News and declaring Trump’s actions “Reagan-esque.” On CNN, George W. Bush’s Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff showed up.

Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer said in a Fox News interview on Thursday,“The Iranian regime remains a threat, and deterrence, strength is the best way to defeat that threat.”  In the pages of the Wall Street Journal, key Bush political strategist Karl Rove mused about whether time would “reward or punish Democrats for being skeptical of Trump’s triumph” during an election year.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.

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