Officials at State Department claim embassies were not notified of ‘imminent’ threats

“I believe it probably would’ve been four embassies.”

-Donald J. Trump. Liar in Chief.

State Department officials involved in US embassy security have stated that no one made them aware of any imminent threats to four specific US embassies like Trump has lied to justify assassinating top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

The State Department did send out a global warning to ALL U.S. embassies before the attack on the general and others occurred. But, the warning did not focus on four, specific embassies, like Trump and Co. have lied about for days, nor did it alert U.S embassies of any imminent attack on them.

Officials also said the State Department did not produce the analysis that US embassies in the Middle East faced an imminent threat, the legally required threshold to justify Soleimani’s killing.

While security at US embassies in the region was increased in recent months, those steps weren’t taken immediately ahead of the Soleimani strike and weren’t the additional measures that are usually taken in an “imminent threat” situation, former State Department officials said. 

The agency also failed to take steps that would be typical in a situation like this, former State Department officials said, failing to issue an explicit warning to diplomats overseas or take follow-up steps to limit diplomats’ movements or actively consider staff evacuations.


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