Lev Parnas Phone Documents Released to House Intelligence Committee

More to come from two other devices

Joseph A. Bondy, attorney for Giuliani associate Lev Parnas, says he has turned over an iPhone 11 and its interactions with individuals relevant to impeachment to the House Intelligence Committee. Dozens of text messages, pictures, and materials from a Samsung phone, along with thousands of documents, were also sent. Two other devices, an iPad and an iPhone, contain documents he expects to be turned over as soon as possible.

According to Axios, Bondy says that when the information is passed along to the Senate, “there will be a public record that is transmitted with that, including information from witnesses.”

Asked if ​the contents of the documents Parnas provided to the committee hurt the president, Bondy replied: “They aren’t helpful.”

When Parnas was indicted he refused to cooperate, but his new lawyer has changed his tune in an attempt to be heard by lawmakers.