The Texas’ GOP’s Strategy: Praise the Lord and pass the Xenophobia

That’s what Governor Greg Abbott is doing in refusing to accept new refugees.

In case anyone was in doubt about just how ugly the 2020 election season will be, last week should have served as a five-alarm warning.

The Signal: Big-city mayors in Texas want to maintain the state’s noble position as a leading locale for resettlement of refugees. But Governor Greg Abbott, pandering to the GOP’s far-right, racist base, ignored their pleas. On Friday, Abbott became the first governor in the country to utilize new powers—granted to localities and states via Trump’s executive order last year—to bar the settlement of new refugees.

As dozens of other governors already know—more than 40 have already sent letters saying their states will continue to welcome refugees—Abbott is comparing apples and oranges: People apprehended trying to cross the southern border are questioned, vetted and subjected to background checks after they arrive in the United States. By contrast, refugees are admitted into the country only after all those checks have already been carried out overseas. Their resettlement does not utilize any of the law enforcement resources that Abbott claims are currently stretched to the breaking point in Texas.


Article submitted by, Great Gazoo.