Top Senate Republican Tells Trump To Keep Jordan, Nunes Away From Impeachment Trial

The "circus-like atmosphere of the House"

The White House is debating whether to include some of Trump’s closest allies in the House to the President’s defense team, including Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, J Ratcliffe of Texas and Doug Collins of Georgia, who led the President’s defense during the House’s impeachment inquiry

But many in Senate Republican leadership have made the case that including the House firebrands will not help the President because they won’t appeal to the Senate Republican moderates who will be key to deciding how the trial progresses — and whether there will be any witnesses called.

“My advice to him would be: Let’s not infect the Senate trial with the circus-like atmosphere of the House,” said Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican. “And I think there would be an increased risk of doing that if you start inviting House members to come over to the Senate and try the case.”

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