Rachel Maddow’s interview with Lev Parnas Part 2: “I think he’s like a cult leader”

A follow-up to a current News Views article:

“I don’t think Trump is like organized crime, I think he’s like a cult leader.

There are a lot of Republicans that would go against him. … He wasn’t as powerful in ’16 and ’17, he became that powerful when he got William Barr.”

-Lev Parnas

“After analyzing all the evidence and sitting back and really understanding what’s going on, I don’t think Vice President Biden did anything wrong. I think he was protecting our country and getting rid of, probably, a crooked attorney general,” 

-Lev Parnas

We’ll see how long this video lasts:

Video clips found on MSNBC:

The latest Wing Nut conspiracy theory:

Parnas’ attorney posted this video after Trump said he didn’t know him.

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