Trump to NYC: “Get your mops & buckets ready!”

The Army Corps of Engineers has proposed building a $119 billion dollar, six mile sea wall “to protect the New York area as storms become more frequent, and destructive, on a warming Earth.”

“The Corps’s barrier designs aim to address only storm surges. They would not counter two other climate-related threats — flooding from high tides and storm runoff — and they could trap sewage and toxins, which would threaten the nascent ecological revival of New York’s waterways.”

On Saturday, Trump tweeted about the costly sea wall:

Super Storm Sandy floods out the NY Subway.

In other words, Trump would like states to fight Climate Change the “old fashioned way” with either mops and buckets or rakes, like he suggested to CA–‘rake your forests.’

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio responded to Trump, also in a tweet, calling the president’s “climate denial” deadly.

Any decision on the seawall appears to be years away. The Corps plans to present a finished proposal to Congress no earlier than 2022.

Who is the most intellectually challenged US Senator?

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