Trump tries to soothe farmers and ranchers hit hard by his tariff war with China

President Donald Trump sought on Sunday to assure American farmers and ranchers hit by a protracted tariff war with China that a trade agreement he signed with Beijing will lead to major purchases of U.S. agricultural products.

Trump said the initial trade deal he signed with China last Wednesday would be a boon for farmers, whom he thanked for sticking with him after he twice had to allocate multibillion-dollar bailouts for producers targeted by Chinese tariffs. 

“You stayed in the fight,” said Trump. “You were always with me. You never even thought of giving up and we got it done.”


Trump also went off about impeachment:

The president told his audience that his administration was doing things no other administration has ever done.

“What do I get out of it? I get impeached,” he said. “That’s what I get. By these radical-left lunatics, I get impeached. But that’s OK. The farmers are sticking with Trump.”

Fox Wilmington:

Trump on the environment and other bullshit:

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