Merkel in Davos: ‘Our mistake was not being prepared for refugee crisis’

Chancellor Merkel, in Davos, has said the conflict in Libya must be stopped before another refugee crisis begins. She added that a global decrease in diplomacy was making regions like the Sahel more unstable.

In a wide-ranging speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) […] Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Germany had made a mistake during the 2015 refugee crisis. Not […] by welcoming asylum-seekers fleeing conflict, but by not preparing for their arrival as civil conflicts began cropping up across the Middle East and northern Africa.

“The mistake was not to have paid attention to create an environment where people can stay in their own country,” the chancellor said.

Lack of diplomacy worse ‘than during the Cold War’

To that end, Merkel suggested that leaders from different parts of the world need to leave their digital echo chambers and resume diplomacy and bilateral communication.[…]

Obligation’ to fight climate change

Merkel’s […] on climate change, saying that industrialized nations have a “technological obligation” to address environmental concerns in terms of both industry and policy.[…]


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Wir halten uns eher damit auf, was bei uns nicht so läuft – da sind die Kulturen unterschiedlich.
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