Shocking! Trump lies about House Democrats ‘never’ asking Bolton to testify to Congress



  • The tweet comes after The New York Times published an article about John Bolton’s new book. Bolton claims that Trump tied Ukraine aid freeze to Biden investigations.
  • House investigators did ask Bolton to testify during the impeachment inquiry last fall, but he declined to testify on instructions from the White House and said he would only testify pursuant to a subpoena if a court weighed in on the issue. The House never subpoenaed Bolton, likely to avoid a drawn-out court battle.

Trump also tweeted that John Bolton only released this new bit of information to sell his upcoming book.

Steve Douchey and the other douchebags on Fox & Friends offered up some major spin:

Stephanie on the Rocks Grisham, our White House Press Secretary who has never held a press conference, also commented about Bolton’s claim on Fox & Friends.

Today, Trump’s Made for T.V. legal team will take to Senate floor and defend his Orange Ass. News Views will host a Live Discussion on it shortly.

Who should be the next senator from California?

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