GUNZ! OK man wakes up in middle of night, shoots girlfriend, believing she’s an intruder


Police say the man was fast asleep when he woke up to the sound of footsteps. He told detectives he saw the front door open and a shadowy figure come toward him.
He grabbed his gun and fired several shots.

The person he shot turned out be his girlfriend, who had been sleeping by his side minutes before but decided to get up for a middle of the night cigarette.

  • The girlfriend was hit several times in the shoulder and arm.
  • Police have not yet determined if they will charge him with a crime.
  • She was taken to the hospital and released within 24 hours.
  • The couple said they have been edgy because of past break-in attempts.
  • Read the transcript of the perfect call to 911 here.

The crew here at “GUNZ!” send their thoughts and prayers.

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