Chief Justice Roberts declines to read Rand Paul’s question related to the whistleblower

” The presiding officer declines to read the question as submitted.”

-Chief Justice John Roberts

Once again, the ‘esteemed’ Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, tried but failed to out the whistleblower.

After Chief Justice Roberts’ ruling, Rand Paul got up and left the Chamber.

According to Politico, Roberts warned members of the Senate that he would block any mentions of the whistleblower.

Rand Paul’s spokesperson, Sergio Gor, tweeted earlier Thursday that Paul planned to keep pushing. 


Rand Paul also went on a shit storm tweet storm where he outed whom wing nuts believe the whistleblower is; although, unconfirmed because some of us respect the anonymity the law provides for them.

Therefore, News Views will not post Rand Paul’s tweets. Now Paul claims his question had to do with President Obama and his administration but, it still related to the whistleblower.

Tried and failed.

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