THE FIFE FILES: Deputy shoots his groin after his weapon “accidentally” discharges at doctor’s office!

DATELINE BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. (KFVS 12) -The Blytheville Police Department was called to a Blytheville Vision Care about a customer who shot himself.

From responding Deputy Matthew Richardson’s police report:

“Upon arrival at Dr. Johnson’s office, I noticed a white SUV backing out of a parking spot. I made contact with a white female driving and passenger Matthew Richardson, who was bleeding from the groin area,” the incident report noted. “I offered Richardson medical attention, to which he declined stating he could make the ride to the ER.”

After the deputy escorted the party to the hospital the report continues:“Upon speaking with Richardson, it was determined that he had a handgun in his right jacket pocket. Richardson stated that he was at the business standing in front of the reception desk and put a pair of eyeglasses in his right jacket pocket. Richardson advised that when he put the glasses in his pocket, the handgun went off (discharged),” the incident report noted.

  • It turns out the injured man, Matthew Richardson, is a Mississippi County sheriff’s deputy. 
  • The deputy noted that there was a bullet hole in the jacket pocket from the deputy’s .357.
  • There was also a damaged car key and bullet fragments in the pocket.
  • The LEO was determined to have been carrying legally.
  • The incident report said there would be no arrest or citation at this time.
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