Not to Ruin the Super Bowl, but the Sea Is Consuming Miami

Hard Rock Stadium has a problem: It sits on canal C-9, which has been flagged as particularly vulnerable to this issue. (Flooding, rising sea levels, overburdened flood protection) ……Not that it’ll be a problem this Super Bowl weekend, but Hard Rock Stadium doesn’t exist only for the Super Bowl—it’s rockin’ year-round with concerts, too. And, as the Miami Herald points out, a city under siege isn’t exactly attractive to tourists, or to an NFL considering it for future Super Bowls.”

Sea levels are going nowhere but up, and fast: By the middle part of the century, we could see 2 to 4 feet of sea level rise in Florida, according to coastal scientist Harold Wanless of the University of Miami. And within 50 years, it could rise by 3 to 6 feet, or maybe more.

As rising seas encroach on Miami from the east, they’re also causing grief from below. The city is built on highly porous rock, limestone that’s almost like Swiss cheese. As the sea level rises, it pushes inland under the ground, raising the water table closer to the surface. When a heavy rain comes, the ground is already waterlogged. So instead of trickling down into that Swiss cheese, the water has nowhere to go. It accumulates on the surface, leading to flooding.

And then, there’s the standing water. . . . . For the complete article, check Wired HERE: