Stephen King Calls for Susan Collins Ouster from Senate Following Impeachment Trial

"Hey Ho, Hey Ho, Susan Collins Has to Go"

King and Collins

Best-selling author Stephen King has slammed Republicans and called for the ouster of his state’s senator – Susan Collins of Maine – predicting that the GOP lawmaker will vote to acquit President Donald Trump in the ongoing impeachment trial.

King, whose well-known books have been developed into films and television series, has been a frequent critic of Trump and Republican lawmakers. The author was even previously blocked by the president on Twitter. As a Maine resident, King has strongly criticized Collins on multiple occasions in the past.

On Friday, the Republican majority of the Senate voted against calling for additional witnesses and evidence in the president’s impeachment trial, despite Democrats’ urging. Collins, as well as GOP Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, voted with Democrats to hear from further witnesses. It’s unclear whether Collins and Romney plan to vote to acquit or remove Trump from office.

Remainder of the article is in Newsweek, here: