The DNC gives Bloomberg a leg up

Michael Bloomberg Is the Rich Man’s Donald Trump

On Sunday, during a pregame interview with Sean Hannity that aired before the Super Bowl, Trump directed his ire toward Democratic hopeful Michael Bloomberg,“why should he get a box to stand on?” Trump asked. “Why should he be entitled to that, really? Then does that mean everyone else gets a box?”

Trump’s comments were designed to hit a sore spot. He once falsely claimed on a driver’s license to be 5-foot-10. On Friday, the DNC eliminated the requirement to have a sizable body of donors in order to participate in the presidential primary debates, clearing the way for Bloomberg, who is using his immense fortune to self-finance his run. While making fun of Bloomberg’s height was cruel, childish, and stupid, Trump’s comments also created a memorable metaphor for the uniquely indulgent treatment Bloomberg was receiving because of his wealth. Bloomberg does, in fact, stand on a special box: one made out of money.
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