George Conway Scribes the Trump Creed in Op-Ed

An op-ed that echoes the Apostles’ Creed was penned by George Conway, or Mr. Kellyanne Conway, in a satirical skewering of the GOP’s impeachment acquittal of Trump. The piece mocks many of the ridiculous comments and excuses the president has made, and the GOP’s sad attempts to excuse him of any wrongdoing.

It begins:

I believe the president, and in the president.

I believe the Senate is right to acquit the president. I believe a fair trial is one with no witnesses, and that the trial was therefore fair. I believe the House was unfair because it found evidence against him. I believe that if the president does something that he believes will get himself reelected, that’s in the public interest and can’t be the kind of thing that results in impeachment.

Conway goes on to remark about a litany of lies made up by the president and essentially approved by the Republican congress, “believing” such whoppers as Trump is only concerned in corruption in Ukraine, and that he wants to release his tax returns when his audit is finished to show how rich and honest he is; that he can spell but sometimes makes mistakes to trigger the libs, and shortens names like Tim Apple to save words; that he hates socialism and defeats it despite the handouts to farmers and $3.2 trillion he’s added to the national debt. Also, that China pays all the tariffs and there is no nuclear threat from Little Rocket Man.

There’s a lot to unpack in the Trump Creed. If you can get past the Washington Post paywall, see it all.

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