Wing Nut World goes off on Mitt Romney

After Mitt Romney voted with every member of the Democratic Party in the Senate to convict Trump on one of two Articles of Impeachment, Wing Nut World exploded.

Of course, Trump took to Twitter to voice his CHILDISH displeasure with the Jr. Senator from Utah and 2012, GOP presidential candidate.

White Supremacist Laura Ingraham “characterized Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) as ‘the ultimate selfish, preening, self-centered politician'” and called for his resignation.

All of a sudden, the douchebags at Fox & Friends have an issue with bringing religion into matters:

“Don’t bring religion into this!” shouted co-host Brian Kilmeade. “For him to bring religion in — it has nothing to do with religion! ‘My faith makes me do this’ — are you kidding! What about your faith and this case meld together? That is unbelievable for him to bring religion into this! His faith!”

Raw Story:

The ‘class act’ and son of our acquitted president, Don Jr. posted this about Mitt Romney on his Instagram account:

Fox’s other White Supremacist, Fucker Tucker Carlson couldn’t even speak Mitt’s name:

Lou Dobbs: ‘Judas! Brutus! Benedict Arnold!’

Fox’s Lou Dobbs angrily compares Mitt Romney to Brutus, the senator who tried to save Rome from a despot

The dumbest guy alive never fails to disappoint:

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