Free Chat Friday, Week 6

Freely chatting on a Friday.... because we can...... :-)

Happy Friday, viewers of news, and against ALL odds, the stars may be aligning in our favor. This was seen this week–pictured is time lapse photography and the Aurora have never looked quite like this: In fact, two new types of Aurora were discovered– Jan. 29, 2020 over Finland.

And since it’s Friday and we’re freely chatting, we’ll note that while there is NOTHING new under the sun with our president, his gang of swamp dwellers, and the lies, the cowardice, the greed, the rabid self-interest, we have only to look up and look around to see new and bigger and firsts. . .from the return home of astronaut Christina Koch to the clear-eyed focus of the House Managers to the in House protest of Nancy Pelosi to the life of Corona Virus Whistleblower Dr. Le Wenliang to lights in the sky giving us back some perspective.

Seems as if there’s plenty to chat about, News Viewers…. What’s on your minds?